ekoLiving recognizes that innovative development practices must stretch far beyond environmental consciousness and into an active search for understanding of complex urban ecology. This is why our property management practices go far beyond reducing, reusing, and recycling. We not only use the standard methods for sustainable development, but we also create our own, consistently refining our practice.

Wood Construction

As a Pacific Northwest company, we are proud to use timber as our primary building material. 16% of all fossil fuels are burned creating concrete, steel, aluminum, and brick building materials. Wood harvested from sustainable forestry is a local, renewable material, ensuring sustainability of the local economy, and the construction process.

Fossil Fuel Savings Efficiencies

Sustainable Design

Our building designs ensure that we use approximately 2/3 the resources per unit of the average American apartment during construction. We work with Energy Trust of Oregon to ensure that we use energy-efficient appliances, light fixtures, and faucets for sustainable operation.

Sustainable Locations

Cars and trucks contribute 1/2 of the carbon monoxide and 1/4 of the hydrocarbon air pollution in the US today. We locate our apartments in village settings, within walking distance of shops, employers, restaurants, and public transit. This allows our residents to help the planet and spend less time behind the wheel.

Small Business

We work primarily with small (less than 50 employees), local, businesses both during construction and while managing our properties. We also seek local partnerships, whenever possible. As a small business,  it is important to us to contribute to the vibrancy of the areas that we build our apartment homes in.